Marvel: Universe of Super Heroes


Exhibition Dates: April 20, 2018 – January 6, 2019
Exhibition Location: Museum of Pop Culture (MoPOP), Seattle, WA


The exhibition is currently being developed under the title Marvel: Universe of Super Heroes by an international curatorial and design team, under the creative leadership of MoPOP’s senior curator Jacob McMurray. As well as Neil Wu-Gibbs (curator of costume), renowned comic experts Ben Saunders, Matthew Smith and Randy Duncan complete the curatorial team.


From enduring legacy characters such as Captain America, The Avengers, and Spider-Man, to the rag-tag misfits The Guardians of the Galaxy, the Marvel powerhouse has invented and continually re-invented some of the world’s most popular comic characters, beloved by generations of readers, movie-goers, and video-gamers. Over the years, Marvel artists and writers have created an enchanting, interconnected fictional universe, one that has influenced global pop culture from fashion to street art. With thousands of characters still to explore, Marvel has become a pillar in the entertainment world, captivating fans of all ages. Beginning long ago in yellow newsprint as disposable tales told in words and pictures, and spun for kids at a dime a pop, comics have evolved into a respected literary art form found in libraries and museums collections around the world. The richness of Marvel’s creative production is a treasure trove for fans and scholars alike.


To honor this artistic production, under the title Marvel: Universe of Super Heroes, the Museum of Pop Culture (MoPOP) in Seattle, German producer SC Exhibitions, and Marvel Entertainment have teamed up to produce an inventive, exciting exhibit celebrating the 78-year history and legacy of the legendary Marvel comics.


The Marvel exhibition will display renowned artifacts, spectacular art, and immersive and interactive exhibits, combining the art and history that form the tapestry of Marvel’s enduring fictional universe. The exhibit honors both the creators behind the myths and the fans who sustain them. Visitors to the exhibit will be enthralled by famous props from films, see original pages from favorite artists and stories, follow the process, from idea to art, of the making of a Marvel Comic, and attend special events with Marvel creators.


Capturing a worldwide phenomenon at this unprecedented moment in the cultural history of Marvel Comics, this exhibit will be both a delight for longtime fans and insiders and an exciting introduction into the fantastic world of imagination and creativity behind Marvel Comics. We invite you to join us and witness it yourself in April 2018, at the world premiere in the Museum of Pop Culture Seattle.