BIAS Journal of Dress Practice Issue 3: Fashion + Surveillance

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In January 2013, designer Adam Harvey presented his Stealth Wear collection. The collection presented ‘anti-drone’ garments featuring anti-thermal technology and camouflage, equipping the wearer to dodge even the most sophisticated forms of surveillance. While some might question the practicality or wider applicability of Harvey’s collection, it rightfully acknowledges the rise and invasion of surveillance in our everyday lives, and represents an attempt to maintain the wearer’s privacy. In a digital age characterized in part by pervasive data mining, street style ‘drones’ flying over New York Fashion Week and selfies plastered on social media, surveillance and self-surveillance have become a part of our daily lives on an unprecedented level. Where and how does fashion factor into being watched?

In our third issue, we asked contributors to consider the ways in which fashion and surveillance intersect. Writers, designers and artists, from here in New York to London and Australia staged a rich dialogue concerning dress practice, fashion, and multi-faceted modes of looking. Through a consideration of police practices, celebrity tailing, costumed performance and aging bodies their works probe the pressures that society faces in this surveillance age.

The journal you have before you is the product of hours of hard work and creative energy assembled by a team of dedicated MA Fashion Studies students at Parsons. We hope this issue will continue to spark meaningful conversations about fashion, visual culture and dress practice by presenting some of the pertinent issues surrounding surveillance in our contemporary society. Fashion, inherently visual, evidently plays a role in this leering game. It is up to the wearer whether to attempt to fly below the radar or catch the camera’s omniscient lens.


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